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Powered Forums 2.2

Powered Forums is now equipped with an Events Calendar, support...

Powered Forums is now equipped with an Events Calendar, support for Style Sheets, message archives and a host of new features. Powered Forums features include: Events Calendar.

Message Archive. Ability for members to send private messages to each other. Members, Moderators and Administrators can create polls. Members can have Avatars.

Up to the minute display of who is currently online. Members can create their own Friends List and see which of their friends are online. Members can ignore private messages from other members.

Ability to create Group Forums. Ability to create Private Forums. Ability to create Public Forums. Ability to create Sticky-Posts. Moderators/Administrators can subscribe to Forums.

Assign Category Administrators to administer forums in a category. Integration with external users databases Support for Style Sheets. Plus many more.

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